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Children are fascinating learners.

The way our little ones think, things they do and how they learn new things are really fascinating. They learn new things in a more beautiful and fascinating way than adults. It's really surprising and interesting to watch how a little one, born as a...


Home Gardener

Soursop – Fruit of the Month!

Welcome back to our monthly issue of ‘Home Gardener’, a blog for beginners and passionate gardeners, where we share tips on how to start your own home garden and everything you need to know about vegetables, fruits and herbs. In this month’s topic, ...


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Is your child a fussy eater?

Having to deal with a fussy eating child can very often be a stressful experience for parents. According to parents successfully feeding such a child actually equals to winning a war. A fussy eater can be a cause of stress for many parents as they ar...




The continuous expansion of the burgeoning DCEU has provided audiences with 2019’s first DC film, 'S...


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Keep a watchful eye on these changes in your child

Keep a watchful eye on these changes in your child Though we like kids and love them very much, rai...


MiC Reviews

Irushi Tennekoon : Illustrator in Conversation with MIC Reviews

I thought I'd do something different this week. Instead of reviewing a book, I thought I'd intervi...


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Calling out & getting out of bed

Is your attention towards your child’s sleep enough? During childhood when children’s development t...