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Yield : 01 club Sandwich
Preparation Time : 10 mts

Quantity Ingredients
02 slices Norfolk Chicken Ham
03 slices Norfolk Chicken Bacon
02 slices Norfolk Spicy Chicken Roll
03 slices Bread (preferably sandwich bread)
01 Small fresh Red Tomato
01 Whole Onion (optional)
02 Crispy Green Lettuce leaves
01 Whole Egg
02 teaspoons Mayonnaise Sauce (could be substituted with 20gr butter mixed with ½ teaspoon of mustard cream)
01 tablespoon Cooking Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

Utensils and Tools needed
• A clean Chopping Board
• Sharp Knife
• Frying Pan
• Bread Toaster (optional)
• Bread knife or a small spatula to spread the butter
• A clean tray or a bowl to leave the vegetables.

Mise En Place (pre preparation)
1. Clean and Wash the lettuce, onions and the tomatoes.
2. Slice the whole tomato in to thin slices. (5 mm thick)
3. Toast the bread using a bread toaster, an oven or a nonstick pan.
4. Fry the egg on both sides in a frying pan with very little oil.
5. Fry the bacon also in a pan and leave it aside

Arrange the 3 slices of bread on the chopping board. Spread the mayonnaise on the toasted bread slices.
1. On the 1st slice of bread place the lettuces leaves and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Place two slices of Norfolk ham on top of the lettuce. Thereafter place two slices of tomatoes on top of the ham and then place two slices of the Norfolk spicy chicken on top of the tomatoes.
2. Leave the 2nd slice of bread on top of the 1st slice. Place the fried egg on the toast and place the bacon on top of the fried egg. If you like you can place some onion rings on top of the bacon.
3. Complete the sandwich by covering the sandwich with the 3rd slice of bread with the mayonnaise applied surface facing the bacon.
4. Finally cut the sandwich into 4 pieces diagonally.

Serving Suggestions
This famous American Sandwich could be served either with French fries or potato chips accompanied with a little bit of Cole slaw salad and tomato ketchup or sauce.
Chef's Notes
1. You could have the 2nd slice of bread also layered with lettuce and tomatoes before the fried egg and the bacon is placed on top.
2. Make sure to season the tomatoes and the lettuce.
3. Generally the all the meats are served cold in a club sandwich.
4. Cole Slaw is made by mixing shredded cabbage, carrots and onions together with mayonnaise. This salad could be served with any sandwich as an accompaniment.
5. At Norfolk foods we do have a wide range of cold meats ranging from beef, Mutton to Chicken which could be used as alternative fillings for sandwiches of all sorts.

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